About Our EDO COE

The new Edo State College of Education is founded on the desire to achieve educational reforms in the State in line with the transformation agenda of the present administration under the leadership of His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Edo State, Mr. Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki.

The College was established under the enabling instrument otherwise known as Edo State College of Education (EdoCOE) Law, 2020.  The new College is a Multi-Campus System, with campuses in the three (3) senatorial districts of Edo State.

The Main Campus is at Igueben whilst other Campuses are situated at Abudu and Afuze respectively.  The following programmes are available under the three (3) campuses as classified below:

  • Igueben Main Campus:-   Schools of Sciences, Vocational and Technical   Education;
  • Abudu Campus:- Schools of Early Childhood Care Education and Primary Education, Languages, Education, Arts and Social Sciences;
  • Afuze Campus:- Schools of Physical & Health Education and Special Needs Education.


The registration of the new College diligently followed due process and accordingly obtained the approval of the Regulatory Body – National Commission for Colleges of Education on the 26th day of November, 2020, to commence NCE Programmes

H.E. Gov. Godwin Obaseki
Executive Governor, Edo State


The cardinal objectives of the new College include amongst others, viz:

  • Create and sustain a highly-motivated, professional and practical-Oriented teaching workforce that is tailored towards STEM, Libral and skills-based education;
  • Produce pedagogically qualitative, innovative, competitive, skills-Based, research-intensive academic programme that –
  • Transcend mere certification of students who attend schools in Edo State, but inculcate in them the spirit of entrepreneurship and self-reliance, etc.

On the strength of the said approval, the Commission (NCCE) also recommended EdoCoE to be included in the JAMB Brochure as well as benefit from allocation of students as per the approved programmes for the institution.

The College operates strictly in compliance with the prescribed Minimum Standards of the National Commission for Colleges of Education, whilst adopting best global practices.


The College as a Nigerian Certificate in Education (NCE) awarding Institution is saddled with the following under-listed mandate, viz:

  • Produce teachers who possess the spirit of inquiry, creativity and self-reliance in teaching, intellectual and professional ability adequate for leadership in Edo State;
  • Train teachers that will adjust rightly to the social life of the community and the society at large in contributing to development and sustainability in the State;
  • Be committed to developing and delivering an improved STEM and liberal Educational Curriculum;
  • Produce teachers who will have absolute commitment to the teaching profession by fostering integrity, discipline, honour, respect and professionalism;
  • Address critical societal needs through enhancement of learning, teaching and equipping the youths with authentic skills and mind-set for success in a diverse society; and
  • Contribute to making Edo State the highest performing candidates in external examinations, etc.


Our Mission

To deliver highly competitive, research based academic programmes for the professionalization of the teaching profession in Edo State to meet global standards.

Our Vision

To be a top ranked public College of Education, engage in the production of quality teaching manpower, research and community services in Nigeria.


Our Aim

Provide qualitative teaching, learning and research environment for students and staff to realize their full potentials in life, Produce graduates that are fully-equipped with knowledge and skill in contemporary pedagogical insights to make outstanding success in their chosen profession