College Facilities

Our Health Center facility is well equip with modern health equipment and well train man power that provide the needed health services to our student and staff

The EDOCOE ICT Center is well equipped with modern information and Communications Technology equipment and it is currently use as a JAMB CBT Center, the center gives student with computer related courses a full practical experience

The Microteaching Classroom is equipped with sound multimedia for teaching. The multimedia, such as cameras, offer an ideal environment for oral skill training and teaching research. It is easy to control automatically, switch, sample and replay the audio-visual signal in teaching practice. The lab is used for practical training, video emulating, evaluating and guiding, sharing and communicating of teaching skills.

Edo State college of Education Language Laboratory is one of the very best in Nigeria, It is will equipped with modern language learning facilities and man power.

Language labs offer an immersive linguistic experience that can speed up the pace of learning.

•   They are completely self-paced which gives students more control over their own progress.

•   Digital language laboratory software keeps track of progress, making it an excellent tool for tracking results.

•   Hearing correct pronunciation regularly with voice recognition system can make a big difference to students’ ability to progress.

•   A language laboratory can be used with or without the teacher, making it the ideal resource for class time or self study.

•   Language labs can make repetitive tasks such as practising pronunciation or grammar rules more enjoyable and far less tedious.

The College hostel boost of over 400 rooms and are well equipped, the hostel is currently sited in Abudu campus