Schools & Departments

Schools & Department

Schools, Department and Subject Combination

Arts and Social Sciences

Departments and Subject Combinations

Social Studies

  1. Social Studies (Double Major)
  2.  Social Studies/Political Science
  3. Social Studies/Economics
  4. Social Studies/Theatre Arts

Christian Religious Studies

  1. Christian Religious Studies/Political Science
  2. Christian Religious Studies/Social Studies
  3. Christian Religious Studies/Economics


  1. Music (Double Major)
  2. Music/Social Studies
  3. Music/CRS

Early Childhood Care and Primary Education

Departments and Subject combinations

Early Childhood Care

  1. Early Childhood Care and Education

Primary Education

  1. Primary Education





Departments and Subject Combinations

English Language

  1. English/Social Studies
  2. English/Political Science
  3. English/Economic
  4. English/Theatre Arts
  5. English/Christian Religious Studies
  6. English/Edo Language

French Language

  1. French/Social Studies
  2. French/Political Science
  3. French/CRS
  4. French/Theatre Arts

Nigeria Language

  1. Edo Language


Departments and Subject Combinations

Integrated Science

  1. Integrated Science/Mathematics
  2. Integrated Science/Biology
  3. Integrated Science/Chemistry
  4. Integrated Science/Physics


  1. Mathematics/Economics
  2. Mathematics/ Chemistry
  3. Mathematics/ Physics
  4. Mathematics/ Biology

Computer Science

  1. Computer/ Integrated Science
  2. Computer/ Chemistry
  3. Computer/Physics
  4. Computer/Mathematics

Vocational and Technical education

Departments and Subject Combinations

Agricultural Education

  1. i) Agricultural Education (Double Major)

Business Education

  1. Business Education (Double Major)

Fine and Applied Arts

  1. Fine and Applied Arts (Double Major)

Home Economics

  1. Home Economics (Double Major)

Physical and Health Education

Departments and subject Combinations

Physical Education

  1. Physical Education

Health Education

  1. Health Education

Special Need Education

Departments and Subject Combinations

Special Need

  1. Special Need Education (Single Major)