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Applied Behavior Analysis has been defined as a scientific approach for discovering environmental variables that reliably influence SOCIALLY significant behavior, and for developing a technology of behavior change that takes practical advantage of these discoveries. This technology of behavior change has increasingly gained wide acclaim in every facet of human life because of the ubiquity of behavior.

Applied Behavior Analysis, which took its root from the works of B.F Skinner, is an offshoot of psychology. The technology of behavior change is widely used in Education as Precision Teaching, Errorless Learning, and Incidental Teaching amongst others; in management as Organizational Behavior Management; in Medicine as an essential tool in the practice of Behavioral Medicine, Mental Health, and Developmental disabilities. The tool is a sine qua non for effective parenting practices and for the building of the healthy society of our dreams!

There is no doubt that graduates of this program will have no need to queue up in the labor market as the functional nature of the course enables them to create employment for themselves and others.



The program, Applied Behavior Analysis, like Medicine or Clinical Psychology, aspires to train students to international standards, equipping them with the necessary advanced knowledge, skill, and professionalism to tackle the myriad behaviors of social significance in the world at large. The wide applicability of the principles of behavior analysis and acquisition of this knowledge and skill by the students will transform them into more knowledgeable and effective parents, efficient servers of the teeming population of persons with developmental, and intellectual disabilities and various addictive behaviors, as well as rescue the declining academic performance of our youths for a better society. Finally, it seeks to provide students with the requirements for international certification and recognition to ply their trade in any part of the world.

Bosede Ehimen Asikhia
BCBA, MSc. Rehab & Disability Mgt. General & Special Needs Education Consultant


The program is an integral part of its sponsoring institution, and it is governed by the administration of the International Training Center for Applied Behavior Analysis as led by a qualified core member of the institution as shown below.

Dr. Usifo Edward Asikhia MBBS. BCBA-D, QBA, LBA, ACTTP, MBA, MHPM

Tel: itc-aba@itc-aba.org or asikhia@msn.com

Clinical Director 

Bosede E. Asikhia BCBA, QBA, MSc Rehab. & Disability Mgt. BSc. Education

Tel: Email: itc-aba@itc-aba.org or bosedeasikhia@gmail.com

Program Director        

INSTRUCTORS INFORMATION                                              

Dr. Usifo Edward Asikhia MBBS. BCBA-D, QBA, LBA, ACTTP, MBA, MHPM

Tel: Email: itc-aba@itc-aba.org or asikhia@msn.com

Clinical Director

Bosede E. Asikhia BCBA, QBA, MSc Rehab. & Disability Mgt. BSc. Education

Tel: Email: itc-aba@itc-aba.org or bosedeasikhia@gmail.com

Program Director

Prof. Alexander Ndu Otakpor BCBA-D, MD (Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist)

Tel: Email: itc-aba@itc-aba.org or ndualexotakpor@yahoo.com

Dr. Komlantse Gossou MA; Special Edu.; Ph. D, MA; BSc, Applied Psychology, BCBA, LBA

Tel: Email: itc-aba@itc-aba.org or theogossou@yahoo.fr

Assistant Instructors:

Ohimai I Asikhia BS Psych.; QASP, BCCS, ACAS, CPI-Crisis Prevention Specialist [Instructor]

Eugenia Onwuchuruba.; BSc. QASP, BCaBA

Dr. Omolei E Asikhia, BS, MD, MBA, BCCS, ACAS

Rodney Asikhia, BS, QASP-S

Course Content Requirements:

In the International Training Center for Applied Behavior Analysis, students must complete at least this Nigeria Certificate in Education Hybridge training program, Education is combined with a 195-hour Behavior Analysis course of instruction in basic principles of behavior analysis, measurement and experimental design, ethical and professional conduct, behavior change applications, assessment, intervention, and implementation. This academic training in the science of Behavior Analysis takes 1 calendar [one year] while the remaining two years are used to meet the remaining education course work to fulfill the award of Educ./WA-IBI certificate in the following content areas for the number of hours specified:

EDU-WA-IBI-1: Concepts and Principles of Behaviour Analysis.  (25 hours)

EDU-WA-IBI -2: Measurement and Experimental Design.  (25 hours)

EDU-WA-IBI -3: Ethical and Professional Conduct.      (25 hours)

EDU-WA-IBI -4: Behaviour Change Applications.          (25 hours)

EDU-WA-IBI -5: Identification and Assessment.            (25 hours)

EDU-WA-IBI -6: Intervention and Implementation.    (25 hours)

EDU-WA-IBI -7: Special Topics.                                           (45 hours)

TOTAL.                              (195 hours)

Outcomes Assessment—– The goal is to improve student learning and improve instructional programs!

Synthesis [Y] [N] The training program efforts create something, to integrate ideas into a solution, to propose an action plan, to formulate a new classification scheme?
Evaluation [Y] [N] The training program efforts the institution to judge the quality of the programs based on their adequacy, value, logic, or use?
Analysis [Y] [N] The training program efforts enable the institution to identify the organization’s structure, to pull meaning from parts, relations, and organizing principles?
Application [Y] [N] The training program efforts enable the institution to apply knowledge to new situations, to solve problems
Comprehension [Y] [N] The training program efforts enable the institution to understand, interpret, compare, contrast, or explain situations.
Knowledge [Y] [N] The training program efforts enable the institution to know specific facts, terms, concepts, principles, or theories better?

Student Services

Students enrolled in the program have the academic credentials – Minimum National Certificate of Education/Ordinary National Diploma [OND] or Higher National Diploma [HND], a Clean criminal background check report, age 18 years and above, Experience, skills to operate a computer/Cell phone are necessary to successfully complete the program in a timely fashion. Policies and Procedures facilitate completion of the program including having a working email address.


International Training Center for Applied Behavior Analysis is a Virtual Institution that undertakes the training of students through live online teaching, provision of Lecture handouts, Recommended Textbooks, Journals [JABA], and video clips as the main academic resources.

How it Works:

The institution uses GoToMeeting which is a video streaming system that allows the participant to attend a weekend training program live, hear the presenter in Realtime, view related PowerPoint presentations, and ask questions if further clarification on any concept is required. Because the student can participate from the comfort of his/her own office and living room, such a student does not need to travel to a reception center except during scheduled examination practical assignments. This Institution operates a quarterly rotation training program. While the new intakes join the program at the beginning of every quarter, those who have completed their training rotation exit the program to enroll for their credentialing board examination(s) as required.

The International Training Center for Applied Behavior Analysis also features a variety of learning methods, including readings, case studies, tests, quizzes, and discussions.